List of Hardware Demos

Hardware Demo Chair: Jim Plusquellic, University of New Mexico

  1. Supply Chain and IoT PUF-based Authentication
    W. Che, G. Pocklassery, V. Kajuluri, F. Saqib and J. Plusquellic - Florida Institute of Technology and University of New Mexico.

  2. Why Do You Trust Sensors? Analog Cybersecurity Attack Demos
    A. Kwong, C. Bolton, T. Trippel, W. Xu and K. Fu - University of Michigan.

  3. Complete Activation Scheme for IP Design Protection
    B. Colombier, U. Mureddu, M. Laban, O. Petura, L. Bossuet and V. Fischer
    - Hubert Curien Laboratory, University of Lyon and Laboratoire Hubert Curien, University of Saint-Etienne.

  4. SPOILD: Side-channel POwer-based Instruction-Level Disassembler
    F. Rahman, J. Park, X. Xu, D. Forte and M. Tehranipoor - University of Florida.

  5. Hardware Trojan Detection through Electromagnetic Side-Channel Statistical Analysis: A Gold Chip Free Approach
    J. He, X. Guo and Y. Jin - University of Central Florida.

  6. Automatic Data Extraction from CBRAM and ReRAM Arrays
    R. Chipana, B. Habib, B. Cambou and J. Taggart - Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University.

  7. Leveraging Electromagnetic Emanations for IoT Security
    N. Sehatbakhsh, R. Callan, M. Alam, M. Prvulovic and A. Zajic - Georgia Institute of Technology.

  8. IoTA: IoT Assurance
    R. Pal, J. Clemens and B. Sherrell - USG and JHU-APL.

  9. A Processor + FPGA based Platform for Control Flow Integrity Enforcement
    A. Iyengar, S. Ghosh and T. Jaeger - Pennsylvania State University.

  10. Counterfeit IC Detection: A Defect Database and Test Procedure
    M. M. Alam, S. Chowdhury, N. Asadizanjani, M. Tehranipoor and D. Forte - University of Florida.

  11. Hardware Hacking Security Education Platform (HaHa SEP): Enabling Handsā€On Applied Research of Hardware Security Theory & Principles
    J. Vosatka, S. Yang, D. Forte and M. Tehranipoor - University of Florida.

  12. Enhancing Power-Side-Channel-Attack Resistance via a Security-Aware Integrated Voltage Regulator
    M. Kar, A. Singh, S. Mathew, A. Rajan, V. De and S. Mukhopadhyay - Georgia Institute of Technology and Intel.

  13. Data Exfiltration using Building Automation to Bridge Air Gapped System
    A. Mason, T. White, M. Talley, M. Tienteu, E. Ahovi, K. Kornegay, W. Thompson and D. Hamilton - Morgan State University.

  14. Spoofing, DOS, DDOS Attacks on a Z-Wave Home Automation System
    L. S. M. Rao, K. Henderson, T. Yimer, A. Edmond, K. Kornegay and J. Ladeji-Osias - Morgan State University.

  15. Hacking Z-Wave using Insider Tools
    A. Edmond, K. Henderson, L. Suryavanshi and T. Yimer - Morgan State University.

  16. UCR: An Unclonable Environmentally-Sensitive Chipless RFID Tag
    K. Yang, H. Shen, D. Forte and M. M. Tehranipoor - University of Florida.

  17. Demonstration of Built-in Secure Register Bank (BSRB) Protection Scheme for Embedded System Security
    S. D. Kramer, Z. Zhang and Q. Yu - University of New Hampshire.

  18. Prevention & Detection of Hardware Trojans in Wireless Cryptographic ICs: Silicon Demonstration
    G. Volanis, C. Kapatsori, Y. Liu and Y. Makris - Univerity of Texas at Dallas.

  19. Real-time Causal Internet Log Analytics by HW/SW/Projection Co-design
    B. D. Rouhani and F. Koushanfar - University of California San Diego.

  20. Demonstration of Hardware Trojan Attacks & Defenses in an IEEE 802.11a/g Network
    K. S. Subramani, A. Antonopoulos, A. A. Abotabl, A. Nosratinia and Y. Makris - Univerity of Texas at Dallas.

  21. FAME: Fault Aware Microprocessor Extension Demonstrator
    C. Deshpande, M. Ghodrati, B. Yuce, A. Bendre, C. Patrick, N. F. Ghalaty, L. Nazhandali and P. Schaumont - Virginia Tech and Texas Tech.

  22. Practical Cryptographically-Secure PUFs based on Learning Parity with Noise
    C. Jin, C. Herder, L. Ren, P. H. Nguyen, B. Fuller, S. Devadas and M. van Dijk - University of Connecticut and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  23. Synthesis of Hardware Sandboxes for Trojan Mitigation in Systems on Chip
    C. Bobda, T. JL Whitaker, C. Kamhoua, K. Kwiat and L. Njilla - University of Arkansas and Air Force Research Laboratory.

  24. Hardware Based Secure CAN Bus Communication
    A. S. Siddiqui, J. Plusquellic and F. Saqib - Florida Institute of Technology and University of New Mexico.

  25. Implementation Diversity and Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration for Impeding Differential Power Analysis Attacks on FPGAs
    N. G. Bete, M. Nakka, J. Plusquellic, F. Saqib, C. Patel and R. Robucci
    - University of New Mexico, Florida Institute of Technology and Univ. of Maryland, Balt. Co..

  26. Ag Conductive Bridge RAMs for Physical Unclonable Functions
    B. Cambou, F. Afghah, D. Sonderegger, J. Taggart, H. Barnaby and M. Kozicki - Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University.