List of Hardware Demos

Hardware Demo Chair: Jim Plusquellic, University of New Mexico and Fareena Saqib, University of North Carolina at Charlotte UNCC

  1. Side-channel Power Resistance for Encryption Algorithms using Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration (SPREAD)
    Nahome Bete, Fareena Saqib, Chintan Patel, Ryan Robucci and Jim Plusquellic - University of New Mexico, University of North Carolina, Charlotte and University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

  2. Hardware Demo: Analog Trojan Design, Fabrication, and Detection
    Yumin Hou, Hu He, Kaveh Shamsi, Yier Jin, Dong Wu and Huaqiang Wu - Tsinghua University and University of Florida.

  3. Authentication and Traceability of Food Products using NQR Spectroscopy
    Naren Vikram Raj Masna, Fengchao Zhang, Cheng Chen, Soumyajit Mandal and Swarup Bhunia - University of Florida and Case Western Reserve University.

  4. Syndrome: Spectral Analysis for Anomaly Detection on Medical IoT and Embedded Devices
    Nader Sehatbakhsh, Hope Hong, Benjamin Lazar, Barry Johnson-Smith, Oghuzhan Yilmaz, Monjur Alam, Alireza Nazari, Alenka Zajic and Milos Prvulovic

  5. Flexible, Opensource workBench fOr Side-channel analysis (FOBOS)
    Abubakr Abdulgadir, William Diehl, Rajesh Velegalati and Jens-Peter Kaps - George Mason University.

  6. TPM Assisted Security for FPGAs
    Ali Shuja Siddiqui, Yutian Gui, Jim Plusquellic and Fareena Saqib - University of North Carolina at Charlotte and University of New Mexico.

  7. Secure communication for Intra-Vehicular CANFD Network
    Yutian Gui, Ali Shuja Siddiqui, Jim Plusquellic and Fareena Saqib - University of North Carolina at Charlotte and University of New Mexico.

  8. Hardware Hacking Security Education Platform (HaHa SEP v2): Enabling Hands-On Applied Research of Hardware Security Theory & Principles
    Shuo Yang, Jason Vosatka and Swarup Bhunia - University of Florida.

  9. Secure Intermittent Computing
    Archanaa S. Krishnan, Charles Suslowicz, Daniel Dinu and Patrick Schaumont - Vignia Tech.

  10. FPGA-based Post-Quantum Secure Niederreiter Cryptosystem Demonstration
    Wen Wang, Jakub Szefer and Ruben Niederhagen - Yale University and Fraunhofer SIT.

  11. Demonstration of Security Threats from Malicious FPGA Tools and Corresponding Countermeasures
    Zhiming Zhang, Jaya Dofe and Qiaoyan Yu -University of New Hampshire.

  12. A Demonstration of Mitigation of Sensor-based Deception Attacks on Cyber-Physical Systems
    Brien Croteau, Aksel Thomas, Palkpoom Pongsuphat and Deepak Krishnankutty - University of Maryland.

    Latha Suryavanshi Mahadeva Rao, Jumoke Ladeji-Osias and Kevin Kornegay

  14. Hardware Demonstration: Return Map Immune Lorenz Based Chaotic Stream Cipher in Circuitry
    Daniel Brown, Ava Hedayatipour, Md Majumder, Garrett Rose, Nicole McFarlane and Donatello Materassi - University of Tennessee.

  15. An Autonomous, Self-Authenticating and Self-Contained Secure Boot Process for FPGAs
    Derek Heeger, Wenjie Che, Fareena Saqib, Matt Areno and Jim Plusquellic - University of New Mexico and University of North Carolina.

  16. Detecting Malware and Ransomware using Hardware Performance Counters
    Manaar Alam, Sarani Bhattacharya and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay - Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and Nanyang Technological University.

  17. Hardware Demonstration of Mitiagating Power Analysis Attack Using Chaos Gates
    Md Badruddoja Majumder, Md Sakib Hasan, Mesbah Uddin and Garrett Rose -University of Tennessee.

  18. Reconfigurable Security Extensions in Hardware for RISC-V Architecture
    Asmit De, Aditya Basu, Swaroop Ghosh and Trent Jaeger - Pennsylvania State University.

  19. EM-based Fingerprinting for Counterfeit Detection with Demonstration on Remarked ICs
    Andrew Stern, Joey Botero, Bicky Shakya, Haoting Shen, Domenic Forte and Mark Tehranipoor - University of Florida.

  20. Hardware Dithering: A Run-Time Trojan Neutralization Method for Wireless Cryptographic ICs
    Christiana Kapatsori, Angelos Antonopoulos and Yiorgos Makris - University of Texas at Dallas.

  21. mplementing Trusted Computing Design for IoT
    Khir Henderson, Denzel Hamilton, Edmund Ahovi and Kevin Kornegay - Morgan State University.

  22. Performance Randomization for Preventing Hardware Trojan Attacks in Analog/RF Circuits
    Kiruba Subramani, Angelos Antonopoulos, Aria Nosratinia and Yiorgos Makris - University of Texas at Dallas.

  23. eXtended eXternal Benchmarking eXtension (XXBX)
    Matthew Ryan Carter, Raghurama Velagala, John Pham and Jens-Peter Kaps - George Mason University.

  24. Golden Chip-Free Detection of Automatically Inserted Hardware Trojans
    Shuo Yang, Jonathan Cruz, Tamzidul Hoque and Swarup Bhunia - University of Florida.

We are proud to announce that MDPI's Journal of Cryptography has sponsored two awards for winners of the Hardware Demo in the amounts of 200 Swiss franc for first prize and 100 Swiss franc for second prize.