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KEYNOTE: CHIPS-NAPMP: Overview and Next Steps

George Orji

George Orji
Deputy Director

Speaker Bio

George Orji is the Deputy Director of CHIPS NAPMP, within CHIPS R&D Office. Prior to this role, he was a Senior Program Advisor in the CHIPS R&D Office, and before then a Program Analyst in the NIST Program Coordination Office, in the Office of the NIST Director. In that role, he provided technical program and policy analysis, worked with line organizations and other staff offices on planning NIST-level strategies, program evaluation, policy coordination, budget and program initiatives, including early CHIPS Act implementation planning.

He spent more than 15 years in the NIST Labs as a project leader and mechanical engineer in the Physical Measurement, and Manufacturing Engineering Laboratories, where he led projects on nanoscale dimensional metrology, probe-based instrument and measurement methods development, uncertainty analysis, and standards development. He received his PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is a Senior Member of both IEEE and SPIE.