HOST 2024 | IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust

Steering and Program Committee

Organizing Committee
  • General Co-Chairs: Ankur Srivastava, University of Maryland (Email: ankurs at and Mark Tehranipoor, University of Florida (Email: tehranipoor at
  • Program Co-Chairs: Farimah Farahmandi, University of Florida (Email: ffarahmandi at and Ioannis Savidis, Drexel University (Email: isavidis at
  • Vice-program Co-Chairs: Naghmeh Karimi, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (Email: naghmeh.karimi at and Ujjwal Guin, Auburn University (Email: ujjwal.guin at
  • Finance Chair: Aydin Aysu, NC State University (Email: aaysu at
  • Registration / Vice Finance Chair: Prabhat Mishra, University of Florida (Email: prabhat at
  • Publicity Chair: Kimia Zamir Azar, University of Florida (Email: k.zamiriazar at
  • Panel Co-Chairs: Waleed Khalil, OSU (Email: khalil.18 at and Wen Wang, Intel (Email: at
  • Tutorial Chair: Jeyavijayan Rajendran, Texas A&M University (Email: jeyavijayan at
  • Exhibition Chair: Adam Kimura, Battelle (Email: kimura at and Mark Tehranipoor, University of Florida (Email: tehranipoor at
  • Publications Chair: Mehran Mozaffari Kermani, University of South Florida (Email: mehran2 at
  • European Liaison: Ilia Polian, University of Stuttgart (Email: ilia.polian at
  • Asia-Pacific Liaison: Wei Hu, Northwestern Polytechnical University (Email: weihu at
  • AV Chair: Jiafeng "Harvest" Xie, Villanova University (Email: jiafeng.xie at
  • Microelectronics Security Competition Co-Chairs: Mohammed El-Hadedy Aly, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Email: mealy at and Eslam Yahya Tawfik, The Ohio State University (Email: tawfik.10 at and Hadi Mardani Kamali, University of Florida (Email: h.mardanikamali at
  • Ph.D. Competition Co-Chairs: Mengmei Ye, IBM Research (Email: mye at and Xiaolin Xu, Northeastern University (Email: x.xu at
  • Hardware Demo Co-Chairs: Wenjie Che, Howard University (Email: wenjie.che at and Calvin Chan, University of Colorado (Email: calvin.chan at
  • Industrial Liaison Co-Chairs: Yousef Iskander, Microsoft (Email: yousefi at and Sohrab Aftabjahni, Intel (Email: sohrab.aftabjahani at
  • Industry and Government Workshop Co-Chairs: Jim Plusquellic, University of New Mexico (Email: jplusq at and Saverio Fazzari, BAH (Email: fazzari_saverio at
  • Travel / Accommodation Chair: Fareena Saqib, University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Email: fsaqib at
  • Web Chair: Kyle Juretus, Villanova University (Email: kjuretus at

Steering Committee
  • Mark Tehranipoor (Chair), University of Florida
  • Jim Plusquellic, University of New Mexico
  • Farinaz Koushanfar, University of California, San Diego
  • Swarup Bhunia, University of Florida
  • Ramesh Karri, Polytechnic Institute of New York University
  • Yousef Iskander, Microsoft
  • Saverio Fazzari, BAH
  • Fareena Saqib, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  • Vincent Mooney, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Farimah Farahmandi, University of Florida