HOST 2023 | IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust

2020 BEST Hardware Demo Awards

  • First Place

    SPARTA: Laser Probing Approach for Trojan Detection
    • Andrew Stern, Shahin Tajik, Farimah Farahmandi and Mark Tehranipoor
  • Second Place

    SCNIFFER: Fully Automated, Low-cost, Efficient EM SCA Attack
    • Josef A Danial, Debayan Das and Shreyas Sen
  • Third Place

    Machine Learning Bluetooth Transmission State Operation Verification via Monitoring the Transmission Pattern
    • Abdelrahman Elkanishy, Abdel-Hameed Badawy and Paul Furth
  • Attendee’s Choice

    REFaaS: Remote Exploitation of FPGA-as-a-Service Platforms
    • Nitin Pundir, Fahim Rahman, Farimah Farahmandi and Mark Tehranipoor

2020 BEST Paper Awards

  • Best Paper

    PARAM: A Microprocessor Hardened for Power Side-Channel Attack Resistance
    • Muhammad Arsath KF, Vinod Ganesan, Rahul Bodduna and Chester Rebeiro
  • Best Student Paper

    A Novel Golden-Chip-Free Clustering Technique Using Backscattering Side Channel for Hardware Trojan Detection
    • Luong Nguyen, Baki Yilmaz, Milos Prvulovic and Alenka Zajic

2020 BEST Poster Award

  • Best Poster

    Thwarting Control Plane Attacks with Displaced and Dilated Address Spaces
    • Lauren Biernacki, Mark Gallagher, Valeria Bertacco and Todd Austin

HOST Hall of Fame

Jim Plusquellic
Jim Plusquellic
University of New Mexico
Mark Tehranipoor
Mark Tehranipoor
University of Florida
Saverio Fazzari
Saverio Fazzari
Booz Allen Hamilton
Farinaz Koushanfar
Farinaz Koushanfar
UC San Diego
Ken Mai
Ken Mai
Carnegie Mellon University
Matt Casto
Matt Casto
Srini Devadas
Srini Devadas

  • Jim PlusquellicUniversity of New Mexico
    Mark TehranipoorUniversity of Florida
    For contributions as HOST co-founders, general chairs, steering committee, and numerous initiatives since the beginning of the conference.

  • Saverio FazzariBooz Allen Hamilton
    For contributions to establishing HOST as a preeminent conference in the government and industrial sectors.

  • Farinaz KoushanfarUC San Diego
    For contributions as the first General Chair not co-located with DAC and Steering Committee member.

  • Ken MaiCarnegie Mellon University
    For serving as General Chair in 2011 and 2012 during early transitional years from workshop to symposium.

  • Matt CastoAFRL
    Providing 15+ years of leadership, vision, and support to grow the hardware security community.

  • Srini DevadasMIT
    For outstanding innovations in the field of hardware and architecture security.