SESSION 3: Cryptanalysis and Side Channel Attacks

Session Chair: Swaroop Ghosh, Pennsylvania State University

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 | Time: 11:00 - 12:20

  • Fault-Assisted Side-Channel Analysis of Masked Implementations
    Yuan Yao, Mo Yang, Conor Patrick, Bilgiday Yuce and Patrick Schaumont

  • An Efficient SAT-Based Algorithm for Finding Short Cycles in Cryptographic Algorithms
    Elena Dubrova and Maxim Teslenko

  • The CAESAR-API in the Real World - Towards a Fair Evaluation of Hardware CAESAR Candidates
    Michael Tempelmeier, Fabrizio De Santis, Jens-Peter Kaps and Georg Sigl

  • Horizontal Side-Channel Vulnerabilities of Post-Quantum Key Exchange Protocols**
    Aydin Aysu, Youssef Tobah, Andreas Gerstlauer, Michael Orshansky and Mohit Tiwari

** HOST 2018 Best Paper Nominee