Congratulations 2019 Accepted Papers!

Regular Papers

8 Improving on State Register Identification in Sequential Hardware Reverse Engineering
12 Laser-induced Single-bit Faults in Flash Memory: Instructions Corruption on a 32-bit Microcontroller
13 In-depth Analysis and Enhancements of RO-PUFs with a Partial Reconfiguration Framework on Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC FPGAs
15 A Fetching Tale: Covert Communication With The Hardware Prefetcher
18 MPCircuits: Optimized Circuit Generation for Secure Multi-Party Computation
25 RATAFIA: Ransomware Analysis using Time And Frequency Informed Autoencoders
27 CoPHEE: Co-processor for Partially Homomorphic Encrypted Execution
34 Detecting Recycled SoCs by Exploiting Aging Induced Biases in SRAM Cells
36 Using Hardware Software Codesign for Optimised Implementations of High-Speed and Defence in Depth CEASAR Finalists
40 STELLAR: A Generic EM Side-Channel Attack Protection through Ground-Up Root-cause Analysis**
52 Securing AES against Localized EM Attacks through Spatial Randomization of Dataflow
58 A Statistical Fault Analysis Methodology for the Ascon Authenticated Cipher
63 SURF: Joint Structural Functional Attack on Logic Locking
67 SIA: Secure Intermittent Architecture for Off-the-Shelf Resource-Constrained Microcontrollers
73 ENTT: A Family of Emerging NVM-based Trojan Triggers
75 Extracting side-channel leakage from round unrolled implementations of lightweight ciphers
81 FLATS: Filling Logic and Testing Spatially for FPGA Authentication and Tamper Detection
82 QIF-Verilog: Quantitative Information-Flow based Hardware Description Languages for Pre-Silicon Security Assessment
83 Golden Gates: A New hybrid Approach for Rapid Hardware Trojan Detection using Testing and Imaging##
88 Exploiting Proximity Information in a Satisfiability Based Attack Against Split Manufactured Circuits
91 High Capability and Low-Complexity: Novel Fault Detection Scheme for Finite Field Multipliers over $GF(2^m)$ based on MSPB##
98 COTSknight: Practical Defense against Cache Timing Channel Attacks using COTS Hardware
102 Efficient and Flexible Low-Power NTT for Lattice-Based Cryptography
108 Using Power-Anomalies to Counter Evasive Micro-architectural Attacks in Embedded Systems**
110 On the Impossibility of Approximation-Resilient Circuit Locking

** HOST 2019 Best Paper and Best Student paper Nominee

## HOST 2019 Best Paper Nominee