HOST Hardware Demonstration Proposal Description and Requirements

HOST 2016 will include a special session which allows students and faculty to present tech-transfer based research through a hands-on hardware demonstration. A set of booths configured with tables and easels will be provided to allow students to set up laptops and small hardware configurations, such as FPGAs, RFID readers, power supplies, etc. A one-hour session dedicated to hardware demonstrations will be scheduled into the program. Hardware demos can also be carried out between sessions during coffee breaks and before and after lunch and evening receptions. Students are required to assemble and display a poster which will serve to illustrate concepts and more extensive results beyond what is possible using the on-site hardware configuration.

In order to participate:
  • Proposals are limited to 1-page in length must be submitted to the hardware demonstration chair ( by March 11, 2016.
  • Proposals should include a brief 1-paragraph description of the research, with references provided to previously published papers (if available).
  • The remainder of the proposal should describe the nature of the hardware demonstration, e.g., a graphic showing the experimental setup and required equipment, the specific features of the research that will be targeted in the hardware demo, as well as a description of the observables, i.e., what will the audience see?
  • The main components of the proposal must be included as components to the poster that will accompany the hardware demo.

The students selected to do hardware demonstrations may be able to apply for HOST travel grants.

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